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Jan 18, 2013 5:00pm PST
' of performers includes katy perry, beyonce, usher, stevie wonder and john legend. among the high school students invited to the parade. the iowa drill and drum corps the first family liked 'so' much last time -- they're invited back. and a new term means a new portrait - by white house photographer pete souza. here's the old one from 2009. the new one shows the president with a bigger smile.despite what could be the rough waters ahead. the president has been working hard on his speech. he's eager to make the most of this twice-in-a-lifetime chance to command the world's attention. he's hoping to turn the page on a first term marked by economic turmoil. >> there's been unusually nasty winter weather in america's south. including here in alabama. traffic came to a halt for hours on i-65 - after a series of accidents on a snowy highway. state troopers say it started with a jack-knifed big rig. drivers were stranded from thursday afternoon until this morning -- and many had no food or water. the red cross tried to help - but couldn't reach everyone. >> another area getting stormy weather - southwest
Jan 21, 2013 5:00pm PST
talk about with john. there is less time that we're going to talk about. victory has 1000 fathers. we just feel like the fighters are first. there are the ones that have the most and the ones that we should be talking about. >> pam: much more ahead in sports tonight on kron-4 news at six. and stay with kron4, as we continue to lead up to the niners-ravens super bowl. updates also available on kron-4-dot-com, and our facebook and twitter feeds. >> ofreal political fights await president barrack obama, and his second term. here is mister obama being ceremonially sworn in for a second term. among the constested issues he's facing -- the debt ceiling, and gun control. the president alluded to the challenges ahead in his inaugural adderss speech. >> we must make the hard choices to reduce the health care and the size of our deficit of we do not want it to make the choice of caring for the generation that the share of the country and the generation that will shape this country. >> also address - climate change and equal pay for women. joining us now, kron-4's political analyst micahel yaki.
Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> great mall patrons john juanitas and juan reyes say the attempted abduction of a child here has their two families on guard. >> i worry about my daughter's safety and other children are around this area. >> it is you're wrecking when you always have to worry about the children. >> reporter: milpitas police say the incident occurred as the victim's mother was shopping at the 'sporters' store inside the mall. >> sot sgt. gene smith/milpitas police while she was shopping she felt the tug and turned around and subsequently sought in another strange male walking away. >> reporter: the woman screamed and confronted the suspect who then ran away. police and mall security set up a perimeter and watched all mall entrances to no avail. in a statement, the great mall said it's cooperating with police in what it calls an isolated incident. mall employee hakima benali says holding hands with her mother may well have saved the would be victim in this case. this woman is now carrying a can of pepper spray. heres another look at that suspect sketch. he's described as an asian male, 50-60 years
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3